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admin On June - 10 - 2010

A lot of us assume that the Europeans are a bit more open regarding their sexuality in comparison to some of the Republican leaning citizen’s of the US.

How many of you guessed that a French McDonald’s ad featuring a scene with a possibly gay son and a straight dad could become this week’s viral video?

I’m not sure many of you could have guessed that a gay French McDonald’s ad could do so well on the internet.

Why did McDonald’s gay French viral video ad attempt work?

Most of us realized a while ago that many open minded and accepting people are online and often vote with their keyboards on all sort of touchy matters.

Homosexual equal rights, gay marriage views, and yes, even McDonald’s ads dealing with parents and their homosexual kids can bring out quite a few heated views.

The Gay McDonalds Viral Video, as some are calling it, got a huge push in plays when Fox’s Bill O’Reilly decided to bash the ad on American TV.

We know the hot debate topics such as homosexual rights, sexual openness and fake viral video footage can produce a lot of traffic, but how much did O’Reilly get to help push the McDonald’s gay viral video ad to the top spot this week?

Watch the French, Gay McDonald’s Viral Video Commercial Ad entitled “Come As You Are” below.

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