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New Viral Video Social Network

Viral Video Social Network at Toxip.com

Toxip offers viral video fans their very own social network. The new Toxip viral video social network is a great place to meet friends across the world interested in viral videos. Toxip members can upload videos, watch and vote on viral videos, discuss viral videos with members, help make viral videos and more. Viral video [...]

McDonald’s Gay French Ad

McDonald's Gay French Ad

A lot of us assume that the Europeans are a bit more open regarding their sexuality in comparison to some of the Republican leaning citizen’s of the US. How many of you guessed that a French McDonald’s ad featuring a scene with a possibly gay son and a straight dad could become this week’s viral [...]

Dancing Baby Viral Video

Dancing baby viral video from Toxip`

The Dancing Baby viral video is one of the first viral videos on the internet. Many viral video viewers got their first feelings of link sharing joy with this viral video. This dancing baby video and link were passed around in emails mainly with the social network revolution still lagging behind a few years. The [...]

Lady Gaga Bad Romance Video

Lady Gaga Bad Romance viral video

Lady Gaga had a great viral video run with the video for Bad Romance. Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance viral video was able to get traction with a huge amount of advertising money to force virality. Lady Gaga’s exotic looks and character intrigued most video watchers to at least look her up on the internet. Thanks [...]

Evolution of Dance Viral Video

Evolution of Dance viral video from Toxip

The Evolution of Dance viral video is an oldy but goody. The hook for this viral video was the pure, innocent dorkdom the viral video star carries awkardly. The dorkiness, “i remember that” moments and awkward dance moves made this one an early viral video hit. The Evolution of Dance viral video:

Pants on the Ground Viral Video

Pants on the Ground viral video from Toxip

The Pants on the Ground video went viral quickly after American Idol’s debut of the song. The various versions that reimagined the Pants on the Ground song and viral video also did well. Listen closely, and I swear this guy actually is making some sense.

Joe Theismann Broken Leg Viral Video

One of the most unforgettable and first viral videos of all time is known as the Broke Leg Theismann viral video. The USA national audience was watching a live football game when the viral video content hit the national TV wires, live. Joe Theismann (Washington Redskins) snapped under the pressure of the original LT (Lawrence [...]

Star Wars Kid

Star Wars Kid viral video on Toxip.com. Who will ever see Star Wars the same after watching the viral video of the Star Wars Kid? Watch out Yoda! A really fat, uncoordinated kid is caught in a viral video!

Susan Boyle Viral Video

Susan Boyle’s viral video is definitely one to always remember. This viral video rose to the top mainly due to Susan Boyle being so damned ugly. Luckily for her, she wasn’t just really ugly, but also had a great singing talent, leaving her just short of winning Britain’s Got Talent.

I Like Turtles!

Who can ever forget the horrible little zombie that loved turtles so much that he messed his pants on live TV? Well, maybe he didn’t mess his pants, but that would probably have been much less humiliating growing up with this on the net. Good luck little zombie! We love turtles too! Tell us what [...]

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